Batch Uninstaller 1.1

Uninstall multiple apps at once, saving time

Batch Uninstaller 1.1

Introduction to Batch Uninstaller 1.1

Free Download Batch Uninstaller APK for Android Phones and Tablets. The app offers a streamlined solution to uninstall multiple apps simultaneously, simplifying the process and optimizing your device experience.


Batch Uninstaller 1.1 is an intuitive application designed to streamline uninstalling multiple apps simultaneously. With its user-friendly interface, confirmation prompts, and additional features like sorting, backup, and scheduled uninstallation, the tool simplifies app management, saving users time and effort while ensuring optimal device performance.


  • Bulk Uninstallation: With just a few taps, you can easily select multiple apps for uninstallation, eliminating the need to remove each app individually.
  • Sort and Filter: You can find specific apps by sorting and filtering options based on criteria such as name, size, and installation date.
  • Backup and Restore: Safeguard important app data by creating backups before uninstalling and restoring them later if needed, ensuring no data loss.
  • System App Removal: Remove system apps and bloatware from your device to gain control over them and free up valuable system resources.
  • Batch Operations: Perform batch operations like uninstalling, backing up, or restoring apps, streamlining the management process.
  • App Details: View comprehensive details about each installed app, including size, version, and permissions, to make informed decisions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate effortlessly through the app's clean and intuitive interface, making the uninstallation process hassle-free.
  • Storage Analysis: Get insights into app sizes and storage usage to identify and remove space-hogging applications efficiently.
  • Ignore List: To prevent accidental removal, add specific apps to the ignore list and exclude them from batch uninstallation.
  • Resource Optimization: Improve device performance and battery life by removing unnecessary apps and freeing up system resources.

Use Cases

This app offers a convenient and efficient solution for managing installed apps on your device. Its features simplify the uninstallation process, allowing users to reclaim valuable storage space, optimize device performance, and enhance their overall experience.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • System Requirements: Android 4.1+

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How does it differ from the default app uninstaller?
A: It allows you to uninstall multiple apps simultaneously, whereas the default uninstaller only removes one app at a time.

Q: Can I reinstall apps after uninstalling them?
A: Yes, you can reinstall apps later if needed. It also offers a backup feature to safeguard app data before uninstallation.

Q: Can I customize the sorting and filtering options?
A: It provides various criteria for sorting and filtering apps, allowing you to customize the view based on your preferences.

Batch Uninstaller Information

File nameBatch Uninstaller v1.1
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Previous version

File Name:Batch Uninstaller v1.1
Mar 20, 2024

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